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  • $1,800.00 $1,100.00

    !! Clearance !! You will not find a better deal anywhere.

    If you are looking for a good simple Durable RFID reader look no further. Old stock clearance

    Lightweight and portable EID tag reader suitable for cattle, sheep and deer applications.
    Ergonomically designed for comfortable handling with long days of use.


    • Reads all HDX and FDX-B ear tags
    • 20,000 scanned tag memory
    • 30,000 EID/Visual ID pairs
    • 50 sessions
    • Vibrating handle to alert on tag read
    • Loud beeper and 2 super bright LEDs for alerts
    • Option to ignore duplicate ID’s
    • Daylight viewable large display
    • Bluetooth® technology for wireless operation
    • Includes EziLink™ software to manage the XRS settings and upload and download IDs
    • Auto find Bluetooth pairing and connection, retains a list of 10 previously paired Bluetooth devices
    • Rugged water and dust proof IP67 enclosure
    • Customisable alerts for pre-chosen animals, e.g. Withheld (load up to 10,000 alerts on to the XRS – 254 unique messages)
    • Battery life: 19.5 hrs push to read, 9.5 hrs continuous read, 3 hr recharge time
    • Includes carry Bag

  • $2,250.00

    The Tru-Test Ezi-Weigh 7 can store up to 15,000 individual records over 100 sessions and clearly displays an animals weight gain since it was last taken. Capable of connecting to computers via USB, the Ezi-Weigh 7 Weight Scale Indicator has a large, backlit 35mm high display screen, and will automatically calibrate itself to the Tru-Test Load Bar when they are connected.


    • Will connect with the Farm Works Stock recorder
    • 20 hour battery life
    • Water & dust proof casing
    • 3-way manual sort by weight
    • Built-in Bluetooth technology
    • Records animal weights quickly
    • Super-bright white LED backlight
    • Includes visual & EID tag information
    • Can store 15,000 individual animal records
    • Made with Tru-Test’s Superdamp III technology

  • $2,375.00

    Multipurpose MP600 Load bar Set – 23 inches long – 4400lb capacity.

    For portable applications such as the Alleyway Platform, small animal crates and cages.

    • Versatile. Can be temporarily installed and when used with the lightweight Tru-Test aluminium platform can be easily transported between different weighing sites.
    • Compatible. Can be used with any weigh scale in the Tru-Test range without calibration
    • Corrosion resistant. Galvanized steel housing protects the bar in the tough agricultural environment.
    • Sealed load cell. Protects the load cell against moisture damage allowing the load bars to remain outside
    • Easy to set up. Simply requires a firm level surface and a rigid crate or platform
    • *Not designed for squeeze chute or head gate applications.