FarmWorks by SDL

Data capture and analyses is the key to the future of the Farming Industry. FarmWorks by SDL is a complete management program for the cattle and sheep farmer with data transfer capabilities second to none.


FarmWorks by SDL is a complete management system for the modern farmer who wants to use accurate records to assist in making better management decisions to increase the over al revenue for his/her operation. FarmWorks by SD allows you to keep detailed records, from Scrapie results to full Pedigree information. Contains a comprehensive reporting package for breeders, finishers, feedlots and pedigree farmers. It is fully compatible with the Shearwell Data Workabout Pro Stock Recorder / SDL 400 Stick readers and the soon to be released FarmWorks Mobile for Android Devices. When you purchase FarmWorks by SDL it includes the first year technical support and upgrade subscription.    

In the FarmWorks by SDL program you can create reports and keep track of animal on farm location, weights, weight gain,  treatments, withdrawals times, Calving, Lambing, Meat withdrawal times, Death, sales, purchases, Management groups, Dam/sire productivity report, and many more.

Some of the FarmWorks by SDL program screen shots, on farm locations, Weights, treatments, Calving, lambing, Death, sales, Purchases, Management groups, Dam/sire productivity, Animal Details,