Support / user manuals.

See below information about FarmWorks and the Stock Recorder (Psion).

In order to view these PDF files you need to have Adobe reader installed on your computer. A free download is available at:


  • FarmWorks
  • Stock Recorder
  • Manuals
  • Bluetooth & Linking
  • Getting started
  • Procedures
  • Reports
  • Upgrading
  • Backup / restore
  • Upgrading, How to upgrade to a newer version of FarmWorks by SDL


  • If you purchased the FarmWorks software by SDL within the last 12 months or you subscribe to our support and upgrade subscription, you will be automatically prompted to download a newer version when it comes available. In some instances we might still send you a upgrade CD.


  • Did your technical support and upgrade subscription expire? Please feel free to contact us for information on how to re-subscribe to the service. This way you will always be up-to-date with the latest software developments in the industry.
  • Backup Back up your data (seriously - do it!)